Be seen with your art, and your world unfolds before our eyes

The creator with the created.

Last century Artist’s had Slides and Transparencies made of their Art. Hoofing from gallery to gallery hoping to be discovered and orchestrating a show.

Today, with the World Wide Web and Social Media, it takes creativity to get noticed. The difference between ‘same old’ and success can be just a nudge.  Human curiosity has an enormous role in peaking interest in Art. I believe capturing the ‘creator with the created’, in an interesting way, provides the next plateau in Artist career promotion.

Among many photographic endeavors, I have been shooting Art and Artists with this in mind.

From the 4x5 Color Transparency days and into the current state-of-the-art digital image capture, I have been developing methods for excellent reproduction results in my photographic practice.

Laser-Alignment, Cross Polarization, Single-Shadow High Color Content lighting, and perfect Color Management
skills are employed for maximum quality results.

I provide excellent photography of the following:

1.  Individual images of paintings, drawings and sculpture.
2.  Installation shots. Imaging Art in context of Art grouped in situations, showing scale and perspective.
3.  Portraits of you with your Art. This is an important tool in the effective promotion of Artists and their Art.

Thank you.

Best, Andy Wainwright     845-853-4987